Corporate real estate

The legal regulations on radon protection affect all buildings with recreation rooms or workplaces in the basement or first floor, such as offices, workshops, production and conference rooms or canteens.

In radon precautionary areas, special protection requirements have applied since 2021: If a reference value of 300 becquerels per cubic meter of room air is exceeded, measures to reduce the concentration must be initiated (§ 128 StrlSchG). In addition, employees from other areas of the building can also demand that radon levels be measured at their workplace.

Leading experts from the WHO, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection and the Federal Environment Agency even advocate a guideline value of only 100 becquerels per cubic meter, which is the limit proven by studies to be harmless to health.

As an employer, you are not only responsible for the workplace safety of your employees. You are also exposed to liability risks if protective measures are not taken. Therefore, check the radon exposure of your company buildings at an early stage.

By proactively addressing the issue of radon protection, you also send positive signals to your workforce and employee representatives, which in turn can lead to additional employee retention.