Welcome to ISTANA – Your experts for effective and comprehensive radon protection.

ISTANA deals exclusively with radon and radon protection and is one of the most experienced radon remediators in Europe. Through our different remediation methods and our pioneering spirit, we have established reliable and calculable radon remediation, tailored for each customer.

For us, it is essential to recommend and implement with our customers the most sensible, effective and, above all, the most efficient remediation method for reducing the existing radiation exposure in each individual case.

Our concept

Our process-safe remediation concepts always depend on the concrete value of the radon exposure and the size as well as the complexity of the respective building. By working with independent, recognized experts, we can provide needs-based advice and develop an individual remediation concept, thereby enabling us to draw up a precise plan and implement the necessary remediation measures.

We are personally available to you from the beginning to the end of the renovation project and also after completion of the measure for follow-up questions and, if necessary, ongoing maintenance of the installed systems.

Our goal

Our goal is to minimize radon-related health risks in cities and communities with high radon exposure. We achieve this in single-family and multi-family houses, in public and church buildings, office and production buildings as well as in special properties of all kinds (e.g. historical buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, educational institutions, military buildings, etc.).

With our renovations we always strive for a permanent reduction of the radon values in the annual average below the legal reference value. As a rule, the selection of the right remediation method or the combination of complementary methods as well as careful planning and precise construction succeed in lowering the annual mean values below the target value of 100 Bq/m³ indoor air.


Our network

We are a nationwide and Europe-wide operating special remediation company with a strong and continuously growing partner network. In South Tyrol we already have our own local branch office. Within the framework of the joint platform RADON CLUSTER ITALY, together with our partners SYSTENT GmbH and A. OBERHOFER GmbH, we offer joint and customized total solutions for South Tyrol and the whole of Italy.

Talk to us - with us you are on the radon safe side!

Our team

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