Remediation methods

With comprehensive expertise and broad project experience, ISTANA is one of the pioneers of efficient radon protection. We have made the process of radon remediation reliable and calculable. In addition to continuously developing our processes and methods, we are also working to achieve and establish a uniformly high quality and industry standard for radon protection. With our four available remediation methods, we can tailor necessary remediation to your exact needs and site conditions. These methods are available for selection:

ISTANA Sealing

Sealing of the detected radon entry pathways using appropriate, DIN-compliant systems and methods. ISTANA sealing is suitable for rather low radon concentrations.

ISTANA Ventilation

Method of radon concentration reduction by means of supply of clean fresh air and removal of polluted room air. Suitable for medium radon concentrations from 200 to 500 Bq/m³. For this solution, which also reduces CO2, VOC and aerosols in the room air, we use ventilation systems with special ISTANA control.

ISTANA Vacuum Inside

Extraction of radon from under the building using the proven ISTANA method. This method is especially suitable for high radon concentrations from 300 to over 100,000 Bq/m³ and very large buildings. We offer optimized and individual solutions for different building types.

ISTANA Soil Extraction

Our method of outdoor soil extraction allows us to solve the radon problem directly without intervening in the building. This is a solution that is particularly advantageous for historical buildings. To enable the extraction, we use special drilling methods in each case, adapted to the specific requirements and conditions of the building.

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